Maybe Mayzie


Since May and Lunah had moved into a new house they Decided to go adopt a new Addition.

Meet Salem. 





If Disney Princesses Were Actually Sloths by Jen Lewis

Previously: Nicolas Cage as Disney Princesses

Give unto me.

the jasmine sloth tho

sorry not sorry

elvensims sent: where i find maia dress ?? /post/92114197616/okie-so-today-i-present-to-you-a-sim-dump

For some reason Tumblr wont let me put the link in >.>

But it’s on ”the sims resource” By Icia23. it’s called the ”Buttoned belted asymmetric dress”




waaaaaaaaaaaaaw O_O love it!!

This is Perfection omg ;-;




waaaaaaaaaaaaaw O_O love it!!

This is Perfection omg ;-;

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checking tumblr in public


Okie so. Today i present to you, a Sim-dump containing 3 sims~

They’ve just been sitting in my sim-Bin so i thought what the Heck. 

So yeah, Use them for however you like. Gameplay/Legacies/Sim-Bases because I don’t care \^-^/  Just don’t Re-upload their original faces or claim as your own.

I’d Love if you’d Tag me *Maybe-Mayzie* So I can see what They’re up to in your game! 

Thank-you for the creators who created the cc so I could make my sims Pretteh. I Love you all .

.Sim and .Sims3pack included in the download Below!

Noelle (1st Pic) - .Download!

Willow (2nd Pic) - .Download!

Maia (Last Pic) - .Download!

Have Funnnnn. 

you sit at your computer


you are on tumblr as per usual. you are scrolling down your dashboard. you see a picture of two cats playing ping pong. you laugh. how ridiculous cats can’t play ping pong. you continue scrolling, passing various posts consisting of terrible jokes and broken gifs. your internet connection slows…

This is the Part where I break free~

Annnnnd More Lunah.

May’s Sister. 


Anonymous sent: What are you thinking of TS4, you gonna buy it?



It’s like putting leftovers in the microwave and after about :45 seconds you can smell it, and it smells delicious and ready; so you take it out and the center is colder than a witches tit.

Or baking a pizza and it’s crust is still doughy when you take it out. 

Or scrumptious looking steak that’s center is still very red and juicy. 

The Sims 4 in my honest opinion isn’t finished cooking yet. It looks good, but it’s just not ready to be enjoyed. 

lol so no, I’m not getting it because I don’t like being disappointed by under-cooked shit

best description ever

I found himmmm!

I really thought i had lost his file >.> 

Anyway say Hello to Mikael.