Maybe Mayzie

The lost dreams are buried in my sleep for him
And this was the ecstasy of a love forgotten
And I’m thrown in the gunfire of empty bullets
And my blood is all I see As you steal my soul from me~

Cole and Jayden Mathews- Brothers. 

Cole and Jayden Mathews- Brothers. 

Cole Mathews

Question thingy Take 2

I was tagged by ifoncebymindthentwicebyheart​ annnd even tho i already did it, i’m going to do it again because These are really Cool questions okay??

1. Do you collect anything? Action figures, crystals, snowglobes, etc?

I collect Pop Vinyl Figures annnnnd The Walking Dead Comics ^3^

2. Do you play video games besides sims, if so, which?

Not really, The only other game I play is The walking dead PC game. >.>

3.*reusing* pet peeves?

People reading out loud while i’m trying to concentrate, even worse if they are reading my own writing out loud, I have no clue why but it drives me Insane.O-O

4 Favorite type of sauce? Dipping, I mean.

Sweet and Sour c:

5. Zombie Apocalypse or An Electric Black-Out Forever?


6.Cool ranch, or nacho cheese?

Nacho Cheeeeeeese

7.  Coke or Pepsi?

Coke, but if there’s none of that I don’t mind Pepsi either.

8. Do you prefer making/drawing/writing for/ guys or girls?

Making- I enjoy making guys but I’m not good at it >.> Drawing- I’m a horrible drawer lulz writing-Like both, Girls are normally easier, but Guys are more fun.

9. Fan of tattoos and piercings or not?

I guess I’m a fan, I don’t /hate/ them.

10. If you could use five words word to describe yourself, what would those words be?

Shy, Awkward, Always Hungry annnnd Nerdy :3

11. What would be an absolute perfect day for you?

Pouring with Rain, Really windy, Thunder and Lightening, My Bed, No school, No homework, No Worries about annnnnything, and a Horror movie Marathon YUUUUS! 

I’m not going to do any questions or tag people because I’m too lazy but yeah. 

Their Height difference makes me Happy askjgfasdkj; (You cant really tell in these photos… Oh weeeelll You’ll be seeing alot more of these two anyway)

Annnnnd Meet Marie \^-^/

Meet Jayden ^3^

It took me less time to create his entire life story then it did to create him >.>

Have a few Pics of Angelique while I load up my game :3

You left my soul bleeding in the darkSo you could be kingThe rules you set are still untold to meAnd I’ve lost my faith in everything~

You left my soul bleeding in the dark
So you could be king
The rules you set are still untold to me
And I’ve lost my faith in everything~

We move into the devil’s shoes
It’s far too late to be rescued
From highway seas and thunder skies
We see our fate, you hear our cries~

Three guns and one goes off
One’s empty, one’s not quick enough
One burn, one red, one grin
Search the graves while the camera spins~

Monsters climbing up from under your bed,
Fires burning in your head,
Stars exploding in the night
Constellation suicide~

I Gave May a Tiny makeover >.> 

I changed her Contacts and Makeup and added the turquoise tips.